About Us



We aspire to create the best coffee moments anytime anywhere in the world!

Our commitment is to producing top-notch premixed coffee and other instant beverages that provide satisfying pleasure in terms of taste, aroma, and quality. Our aspiration to bring our beverage products to the world stage gives birth to Coffeemark and other signature brands of instant beverages.  Our various blends of coffee, tea, cocoa and cereal drinks packed in convenient single-serve sachets or sticks for your enjoyment anytime anywhere. 


Conform to International Standard

We are a manufacturing company specialising in the development and manufacturing of beverage products which has commenced operation since the year 2000.  Our products are produced in high capacity manufacturing facilities situated at Penang, Malaysia that is certified with GMPHACCP and ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 international standards. On top of that, all our products are HALAL certified


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the close bond between every relationship with our beverage products. Our ideal is to be the beverage of your choice for marking every joyous moment with your loved ones – be it your family, your lover or your friends.





All our products are developed and produced in our own plant with strictest quality control. We are set to stand out in the competitive beverage market by providing superior quality and unique formulations that give the depth of taste that brings mesmerising drinking experience.


Our Series

  • Coffeemark Microground Coffee
  • Coffeemark White Coffee & Café Latte
  • Tea Drink
  • Chocolate & Cereal Drink